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I was popped yesterday just to the outside of my right eye. Never had a sting hurt and swell like this one. I was about fifty yards from my hives (minding my business), also prepping my garden. One lone bee kept buzzing me. I walked away and it left. When I came back to finish my work, it, or another one came back and started head butting me. It frustrated me enough that I swatted at it as I was working. It obviously didnt like that and caught me.

I worked the hives the previous date and found really strong hives that were storing lots of nectar. My only answer to the attention I was getting this date was that I put on the same old blue jeans that I had worn checking hives the previous day (possibly the defensive smell attached to my jeans from guard bees the previous date???). One hive was more aggressive than the others and if it continues I will be on a seek and destroy queen mission.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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