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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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>Does anyone use the E-Z Lift Hive Truck from Mannlake?

Yes. Interestingly I saw an old one almost exactly like it and obviously homemade and obviously made decades ago at Lusby's...


Easy to get on and off the boxes without lifting or tipping them. Pneumatic tires that make a smooth ride.

> and Cons?

It's set up for deeps, so I raised the axel (which lowers the frame) to line up on mediums. It works well on two deeps, but needs a bigger rack to haul more boxes when they are empty. Here's what mine looks like after adjusting it:

> I'm looking for something to move hives around in the bee yard from one pallet to another.

You might have to do the opposite of what I did. I made the frame go lower. You may need it higher to move them on and off of pallets.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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