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Is there anything I can/should do for this situation? We have four hives close to each other now. Location is south of Kansas City, USA. My bees are having what appears to be a case of dysentery. Going on for two days at the most, we didn't notice it yesterday, was not there the day before. We've had cool, cloudy, damp weather, but I have seen them out, so they should been able to leave hive to relieve themselves. The hive is a swarm that I caught just under 4 weeks ago. I've had them on store bought premixed stimulant/sugar water mixture since I put them in the hive. I have removed that for now. In the early morning, some bees were hanging out in front of the hive on blades of grass, looking very sick, and it appears they have been pulling brood out. I inspected at lunch and just checked the entrance mid afternoon and they appear to have cleaned up the entrance some. During the inspection there were only one or two dead bees on floor. I may have caused one of them. They appeared active and healthy this afternoon when the sun was out, there was only one hanging on the grass in poor condition. I'm going to clean up the grass tonight and look closer at what is there. Thanks in advance.


In front:

Currently unoccupied side of hive floor:

Occupied side of hive floor:

Brood area 1:

Brood area 2:

Brood area 3:
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I usually try changing the environment before moving on to things like fumagilin B or some other antibiotic treatment for something like nosema. I would try lifting you hives further off the ground and increase ventilation in the hive. I noticed you don't use a screened bottom board. Do you have an inner cover with a top entrance or something like that? If you don't, you can chisel one out pretty easily. Also, if you have a sunnier location on your property, you can try moving the bees there and see if their condition improves.
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