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Drying pollen

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Drying 15 kg pollen. Any thing that moves and touches someone with the same or different, when friction is hot. So here is where the drum turns continuously receives pollen or plants and of itself is developing thermal energy depending on its mass.A there are heaters that are connected in series and there is no possibility of firing and burning out under the full roller bearing.Although the drum turns the layout of heat is equal to the entire surface of the same and the regulated maximum temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. consumption is 1 kW per hour if the heater Enabled time as a thermostat to regulate all of this in the picture is in the insulation box of polyurethane foam from 2.5 cm to work on average 15 minutes per hour. 15 kg for 120 minutes and Dimensions 1m x 0.5mx 0.7m.
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Nice. Do you make these or where can they be purchased?
Nice. Do you make these or where can they be purchased?
No, not for sale.
This is just part of what I did.
It may be better, but I sem ideas and a little luck I can.
If you get a job in a factory equipment for beekeeping as an ordinary worker would make miracles.
Whenever I do a thing to solve one problem in beekeeping, I'm happy.
I just want to partition the knowledge and experience with someone.
Knowledge of God is given, if you do not give your loved ones.
It is not knowledge.
There is no joy to anyone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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