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Drying of pollen

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I have been experimenting with drying pollen. The quantities are from 5 to 10 pounds or more. I do not want to use heat of a dehydrator as the pollen may overheat of become contaminated with impurities in the air in case of a dehydrator.
I first tried a vaquum chamber but because of a small leak I could only draw a vacuum of
-25 atmosphere. After six hours of the vacuum I checked the weight and I only lost .5%.
So this is not the solution. Then I tried a freezer. After six hours there was a loss of 6%.
My next step is to fix the leak and pull a vacuum and put the pot in the freezer and after this pull a vacuum again.
Is there anybody who has experimented with drying pollen.
The reason I want to dry the pollen is twofold:
-Dried pollen will keep better and is easy to ground to a powder for feeding to the bees.
-The local stores, mostly feed stores, sell local pollen. This pollen has a uniform gray color, such as pollen on the international market. The pollen I have was for three years in the freezer in sealed jars. This pollen still has the original colors. I am afraid that the pollen offered on the local market comes from Spain, China or South America and is industrially dried.
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I've always just kept mine frozen. I read somewhere that it looses most of its benifits very quickly at room temp. Some of mine in the freezer is 2 years old and looks like new, still bright.
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