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drone question

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i have a hive from a cut out and the queen was with it. I had a lot of drawn comb and she was laying. I did an inspection the other day and saw a lot of drones and no signs of a laying queen. These where genital bees and now they are not happy! Today i was walking by them and noticed a lot of drones flying. I did see what i thought was swarm cells on the bottom of a frame, but being a new bk im not sure of what i am looking at sometimes. Does the drone flight mean something that special?
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Drone flight is not significant, but your new hive is making a queen either to replace the missing queen or swarm again.
These where genital bees and now they are not happy!
Sounds potentially painful..... :cool: :lookout:
possibility of a problem w/ queen when cutting out. or rejected because blamed for the disruption by workers. sounds like superceedure in process. Sorry!!!
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