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drone comb not needed?

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I gave one of my colonies a frame to build drone comb on so I could trap mites. they apparently had a good laugh over that and built worker comb instead. I haven't ever had bees that didn't want to build drone comb. they are in two deeps and have plenty of worker brood going. guess I will have to figure out another way to get at mites.
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the girls will only build out drone comb if it is actually needed and they feel they are strong enough to care for drones. Most 1st year hives don't build much drone comb from what everyone else says, but mine did. They are extrememly strong hives though and have a good ratio of drone to workers. If there are other areas in the hive that have drone comb already they may not make any new as well. Some people use those Green plastic frames for drone to get them to freeze, etc..
one of my nucs is doing insanely well this year, It made an entire frame of drone comb... I was wondering if I should remove it for might management. I havent tested the current might infestation levels of this hive but they are indeed present. Any thoughts?
freeze it first ,then scratch off capping's and return to hive to get them cleaning it out, cant do any harm, a lot of drones also sometimes is a sign of swarming to follow and they need the drones for breeding a new queen. the number is somewhere around 15% of cells should be drone..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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