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Drone central - Queenright or combine?

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Need some advice. One of my six hives is loaded with bees but about half appear to be drones... lots of honey stores but I’d say a bit low on pollen. Can’t for the life of me find a queen or eggs no capped brood either... it’s the high number of drones that makes me think it’s not queen right...??

Should I combine with weaker hives? Is my read on hive correct? Or has queen just gone dormant and drones yet to be booted... should I keep looking for her? Thanks for any tips! 🐝
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the colony is most likely queenless, but there might be a failed queen lurking around in there.

the safer move would be to just shake out the colony and let the bees beg their way into the other hives.

this prevents the problem of one of your good queens possibly getting killed if you try to combine a colony having a failed queen with another queenright colony.
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