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Drone Brood in Honey Super

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So any ideas on what a person is to do when the bees have put drone brood in the honey super, is this honey above the drone brood harvestable or what do you do with it??

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Its harvestable, just have to wait until the drones all hatch and the empty cells get filled in with honey, that could take awhile though, as the queen may lay into the vacated cells once again. Or, if you're really impatient, you can just wait until all the drone brood on the honey frames are capped, then remove them to extract, just uncap the honey part and leave the drone cells capped, the honey will spin out and the drone brood will stay in the comb, it'll work.
We usually get some drone brood in the honey supers -- this year i got a LOT of brood in the honey supers -- but usually only for a single round early in the spring. Once the brood emerges the bees will fill it up with honey and you won't notice if you extract later in the year.

If this really bothers you, you and use an excluder under drawn comb to keep the queen out next year. Foundation above an excluder can slow down honey production though, as the bees seem to consider the excluder the top of the hive in that case.

I don't worry about it as I make only extracted honey. Comb is a bit dark, but it does not affect the honey quality at all.

Since we put a drone frame, one of the green ones, into each of our colonies, no more drone brood showing up in all the inconvenient spots.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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