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Drone bee's kicked to the curb.

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Howdy, I'm new to bee keeping. I installed my package of bee's in my TBH 04/08/14.
The bee's are doing great. lot's of pollen being brought in. and 8 bars drawn out with comb.
I inspected the hive a week ago. lot's of capped brood and pollen. I also saw the queen.
The last few day's I've watched drone bee's shown the door. They can't even fly away,
they hit the ground and just crawl around.
I'm thinking that the girls don't need the boy's around because all is good and they don't need a new queen.
Thoughts ?
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Do they have enough food? How do the wings on the drones look? Chewed or shriveled up?
I agree to double check for problems. If "all is good" ,to my knowledge,the girls leave the drones to "do their thing" and they are booted out only in Fall. Sounds unusual. The only time I had drones kicked out this of time year was in a crowded hive with a dearth going on and my girls needed the food for themselves and brood.
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