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drawing comb?!

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I started this spring (late March) with a 3 pound package and foundation. When I removed the queen cage a week later I was impressed with the amount of comb they had drawn out and burr comb the made in the open space around the queen cage. Since then I have done 2 inspections and they have several frames with capped brood in them but very little drawn comb since the first 'inspection' when I removed the queen cage. Is there anything I can do to stimulate expansion of the hive and keep them drawing out comb. Should I manipulate a frame or 2 of foundation? What is a 'normal' amount of comb produced for a package this size?! Thanks in advance for any help. Oh yeah, and i have been feeding regularly through a hivetop feeder.
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They build what they think they need.

If they haven't built more, it's because they are busy rasing brood and gathering pollen. If they get caught up on those duties they will be putting away the syrup (instead of just feeding it to the brood) and they will need more cells to put it in and they will build more comb. Right now a lot of them are tied up just making heat for the brood and caring for the brood. They were quick at first because they need comb just to raise any brood.

I wouldn't worry about it. When they need it, they will build it.

You are already doing the only really usful thing, which is to feed them.

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I figured that they were having to keep the brood warm at night and such but it is going on 4 weeks since I installed the package and according to the books/literature they should have pretty much drawn out all the comb and they have just drawn out 3/4 frames so far. I just thought it was a little unusual and figured this was the place to ask any questions/concerns I had.
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