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Doing Research Report, Need Some Questions Answered By You Pros!

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Hey everyone!

I am in a class in college where I have to write a research report and create a proposal for a possible fix to a problem. I chose CCD as my topic and I have to find a beekeeper with knowledge/experience in the field that would be willing to answer these questions. You don't need to have a masters degree but if you are knowledgeable about bees and feel you can give your educated opinion to answer the questions below, it would help me a ton! No one will see this but my teacher, as it is just for class.

Questions (answers can be as long as you want, the longer the better) I want to thank Fusion_power for helping me with these questions!
1) What are your credentials, background, and experience related to beekeeping?
2) How many colonies of honeybees do you have and how many years have you had them?
3) Have you experienced abnormally high losses over the last 8 years?
4) What problems do you attribute losses to?
5) Have you been affected by CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and if so, what do you think the leading cause of CCD is?
6) How have you personally been affected by CCD (Financial, Emotional, Educational, No Affect, etc.)?
7) What major challenges should we be addressing that cause colony losses?
8) What should we be doing to reduce problems with CCD?
9) CCD isn’t just about bees, have you seen it impacting the economy, if so, how?
10) If things keep going as they are, what does the future of the honeybee look like?
11) Anything else you would like to say about anything related beekeeping challenges?

Feel free to send the answers to my inbox or post below! I really appreciate the help. :)
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