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Does the cell angle matter to me more than to the bees?

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I've done some retrieval of good comb from log hives, and other cut-outs and rubber banded it into frames. It's been very successful for the bees as they use it, fuse it into the frames and cut those rubber bands lose and drag them out. Fascinating! My question is I've always paid really close attention the the angle of the comb cells, making sure to get it to that "tilted up" slight angle that they build their comb in. So am I going to too much trouble to cut the comb just right? Will they take it at any angle I put it in there and then tear it down and fix it to the proper angle?

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It is angled upwards for a reason such as holding nectar. I would guess that the bees would not use it as readily if it wwas properly oriented.
I imagine if you filled your gas tank and found that half of it spilled on the ground, you'd be pretty miffed. lol
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