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Does size of queen limit size of daughters?

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If you have a small queen that is otherwise excellent, would her daughters size be limited by hers or would it be more a function of the cell nutrition? Would appreciate hearing experience or sources on this.

Wishing everyone a great queen season.
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Genetically speaking, her worker daughters would probably not, but her daughter queens might be, or will at least be carriers of the 'small queen' gene. Worker size tends to be affected more by breed and cell size than the queen herself. But if she's good, then I certainly would not worry about her size!
I think the problem with small queens ( one of them anyways) is not that they can't be "good" but about how quickly they run out of steam. Pretty sure queen size depends on several factors such as cell type, size of cell, age of chosen larvae, and nutrition. Keep an eye on her and be aware of the possibility of her running out of sperm at an inconvenient time.
A big part of what matters about the queens size (besides volume of sperm stored and ovariole count) is the influence on the her drones. They will carry only her genetics, will they not?

Strength of her pheremones influence hive spirit and supercedure tendency; here bigger generally is considered better.

I think vtbeeguy ticked off all the boxes.
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