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Do they have a chance

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Started with one package last spring. That was the first of my many mistakes. Was really not expecting to have any bees come this spring. To my amazement when I looked a couple weeks ago there were allot of dead bees but a few survivors. Looked today and saw some capped Brood and some larva and the queen. Still very few bees. Do they have a chance? Is there anything I can do to up their odds. I do have another package coming in May , and hope to do much better with them this year. Thanks for reading.
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Feed them with some 1:1 sugar syrup and a pollen pattie if should be nice out tomorrow take a look at their honey stores and move some frames of honey in towards the center without disrupting the brood nest.
Thank you. They don't have much honey left but i will move what they have close and give them some syrup. I gave them a pollen patty but they don't seem to like it. They are bringing in their own pollen.
If they are producing brood and you make certain they have food soon there will be more bees:)
If they are making brood, as WBVC says, they are trying to build back up and probably will succeed. Success and speed all have to do with how many bees they actually have. How many frames of bees would you say? 1/2? 1 frame?
I would say no more than one frame of bees. They are tring and I would love to see them make it after all the trouble I put them through last year.
I have seen one medium frame's worth of bees build up. Slowly, of course. It takes bees to make bees...
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