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Do the Vinegar, sugar, water and banana traps work for wax moth work?

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I made up one of those vinegar, sugar, water and banana in a coke bottle traps which is currently fermenting, do they actually work? I really didn't see any web or cocoons but I did see a couple larvae in the ScBB drawer on an inspection and a couple of adults around the hives. Trying to get through my first year, I'd just like to hear from others on their experiences with these traps. How far should they be from the hives? I was thinking on the ground in my wife's herb garden behind the hives near the ScBB or hanging from the cedar just to the left of front of the hives. I understand they'll also get hornets and yellow jackets which haven't been an issue to date. Will my bees get into them? I'm planning on hanging or placing it in a couple of days.
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They work great down south where I am. You may not get a lot of wax moths in NJ since they have to push up from the south every spring as they can't overwinter in cooler climates. I was able to kill a whole hornets nest with one of them, I love my banana traps!

They can be whatever distance from the hives, the bees have the coordination to get out of them, the other wasps do not apparently. I would NOT put them on the ground though, too tempting for other animals. Hang it from a tree branch or something or a raccoon might make off with it.
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