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Most bees are not social, but solitary or living in very small aggregations of related sisters.
The genus Apis are social, and some such as the famous Himalayan Giant Bee, Apis dorsata (and its subspecies throughout Asia) migrate seasonally. They swarm vigorously in the swarm period, and then all colonies abscond to new territory. They move to the bloom and rebuild open nests after the migration. East African honeybees also migrate seasonally.

East Asian Apis cernua swarms repeatedly (average 6 or more swarms per season). I believe this swarm behavior may be a more important Varroa response than the supposed "drone" preference always cited. Note that if a hive averages 6 swarms, the mean survival of the colonies might be very low. If you reproduce a lot, it means the population dies a lot. Viz: swarming tendency of AHB --- something is killing these colonies as fast as they reproduce.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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