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I' ll make this as short as i can. I have caught 2 swarms about 2 weeks apart, 1st is small , 2nd larger. After few days I inspected first hive, no babies. After another week I found babies but all look like drone brood, can this happen without queen? 2nd hive looks like capped pollen but no babies after a week. My thoughts are to combine the two together and add a queen, would this be the correct thing to do? Thanks!!!!

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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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There are few solutions as universal in their application and their
success than adding a frame of open brood every week for three weeks.
It is a virtual panecea for any queen issues. It gives the bees the
pheromones to suppress laying workers. It gives them more workers
coming in during a period where there is no laying queen. It does not
interfere if there is a virgin queen. It gives them the resources to
rear a queen. It is virtually foolproof and does not require finding a
queen or seeing eggs. If you have any issue with queenrightness, no
brood, worried that there is no queen, this is the simple solution that
reuires no worrying, no waiting, no hoping. You just give them what
they need to resolve the situation. If you have any doubts about the
queenrightness of a hive, give them some open brood and sleep well.
Repeat once a week for two more weeks if you still aren't sure. By then
things will be fine.
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