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Do Honey Bees Navigate.....

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Through Heavily Wooded Areas ?

I have noticed that my Bees fly off in the opposite direction of some thick trees lines adjacent to my beeyard, there is a small break however, but I cannot see a flight pattern through it. I am starting to believe that it hampers their ability to navigate 360 degrees from the Hive. What can the HiveMind tell me :s
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they live in trees in thick woods. dosnt slow them down. good luck,mike
Thanks, Good to hear. Perhaps my Bees are not interested in what's on the other side of the treeline or they are just lazy :scratch:
they go to the bestest, closest, most abundant nectar source within 2-3 miles. if they want it , they'll crawl on the ground! mother nature- cant beat it. good luck,mike
The bees that I kept last year in thick woods went STRAIGHT UP, instead of flying out and away from the hive. It sort of struck me as strange at first, but after some thought, it's pretty logical. Rather than zig and zag through trees and around spiders, it's easier to go up. Likewise, coming home, it's easier to spot the same "hole" in the treeline, and drop like a stone onto the bottom board.
They will certainly forage on the other side of a treeline if there is a useful source. Usually the go straight up and then over thick woods if they want to be on the other side...
I have a big oak about 150 feet from the clearing. I cut a path through for kids in their 4 wheelers, and the bees use the path. Its really cool.
I am starting to believe that it hampers their ability to navigate 360 degrees from the Hive.
360 degrees? Do you mean 180 degrees perhaps?

Bees fly as directly as possible to the source for which they are foraging, using sunlight and landmarks and other things. Why they are flying in a particular direction is something you might be able to figure out if you followed them. They may just be going out for a beer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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