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This is my first year in beekeeping and I've got one very strong hive. There are two deeps chock full of bees and honey. No honey nor comb up in the honey super but that's ok for this year.
From one of the deeps, I swiped one outside frame that had one side 1/2 full of cured honey. I put that honey into a honey bear and called it this year's harvest which is about one honey bear more than I had planned on harvesting for the first year. Then I hung the frame near the hive and let the bees re-capture the honey that was left.
The question: Now I have an extra frame that has a fair amount of drawn comb. Wishing to save the bees some work, should I freeze it and then stick it back into the hive as is? Some of the cells were damaged by me as I took a knife and cut out the cured combs for comsumption. Will the bees rebuild the damaged areas? Or maybe I should scrape the whole thing clean, freeze it, store it safely and return it next spring when I expand to two hives?

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