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Do bees predict weather??????

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I'm going to stick my "Beek Neck" out here. :scratch:
We had been put under a severe weather advisory..Sure enough,,the bees and the hbirds disappeared from the feeders on my deck. A little rain,,NBD Wasn't long before they returned. Then,,,another alert for very severe(I know degrees of severe) weather just 15 miles south and west of me. I mean the thunder was rollin, just not close...but man I could hear it,,,the bees and the Hbirds were hittin the feeders as nothing was goin on:scratch: WOW
Gotta figure they are in tune to the barometric differences,,,,don't ya think?
Just curious if others have observed similar. This is the first year I have had hives at my home.

Rick SoMd
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No, they do not predict weather, but you can make predictions based upon what bees do. Such as, when you observe your colony in tight cluster, you can predict that the temperature is quite cold.
OH OH and when they are outside hanging's hot. I can watch mine and i swear everyone comes home pretty quick if weather moves in
If I see my girls running home (almost looks like robbing without the fighting) I pick up all my stuff outside just before the downpour. Florida bees are familiar with rain. Sorry some lack rain and smart bees. I had an unforgettable experience inspecting during a full eclipse several years ago. I will not do that again.
Sqkcrk - Or "Bees don't get mad, they don't get even, they get my money"

On several occasions we have been working the bees and noticed that the departures had dropped to nothing, with all arrivals. Upon looking at the sky, it was quickly determined it was "time to get out of Dodge". They new it first.

You weren't paying attention or you were hoping it would pass and you could get your work done. Been there, done that.
Bees respond to barometric pressure changes.

If you are working bees last into the better get finished when the pressure drops. (Or suit up better.)
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