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do adult wax moths overwinter?

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We have very mercurial winter weather here, with occasional spells of several warm days. Would a "clean" stack of supers put outside after a killing frost be vulnerable to egg-laying moths on the warm days? That is, can adult moths hide in some mulch or a dead hive, to re-emerge and lay when weather allows, or does a new batch hatch out each spring to replace all the (frozen dead) adults?
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>all stages of wax moths are killed at 5 degress ferenheit for two hours . . .

I have read like statements too and find them a bit confusing. Watching my sticky board during winter (after near zero temps), I sometimes find a small white worm on the sitcky board. How did he survive the cold?

After MrBEE described how a worm can survive in the warmth of a cluster (in frame groove or elsewhere in hive), somehow both "killing larve w/ freezing temp" AND larve actually seen living "AFTER being froze" makes sence, to me
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