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do adult wax moths overwinter?

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We have very mercurial winter weather here, with occasional spells of several warm days. Would a "clean" stack of supers put outside after a killing frost be vulnerable to egg-laying moths on the warm days? That is, can adult moths hide in some mulch or a dead hive, to re-emerge and lay when weather allows, or does a new batch hatch out each spring to replace all the (frozen dead) adults?
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I have always been under the impression that they could not tolerate any cold climate. Now define cold climate. Especially in regards to this winter so far!! I too wonder what the cold limits are for the moth to overwinter,
that is if the moth even overwinters at all,..
I know that most all moth crop pests migrate up from the south. They dont tend to be able to tolerate cold at all.
Beetles tend to winter adults,or larve, or eggs. And handle cold very well.
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