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DIY Smoker Rolls (Australia)

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Hi All, I'm a bit of a new-bee when it comes to European Bees (Second year with 3xItalian hives) but I just wanted to share a nifty little trick I figured out for making smoker fuel cheap & naturally using Paper Bark (it's an Australian tree).

First post/thread so here goes;

1. Collect the paper bark (obviously). It doesn't matter how old/new/dry it is but the newer bark rolls a lot easier.
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2. Tear it into strips about the depth of your smoker.
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3. Tie some slip knots out of twine (don't use plastic - remember it's be burnt)
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4. Start rolling a loose roll of paper bark.
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5. Join/add and keep going on the roll of bark.
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(Side View of roll)

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6. Once it's about the diameter of your smoker stop rolling.
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7. Slide the slip knot (from step 3) and you have a little roll of smoker fuel :)

8. I know it sounds like a pretty obvious "How-to" but this lot took about 20 minutes and has saved heaps of stuffing around with trying to get the smoker going well.
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9. Burn a bit of newspaper and add your roll of smoker fuel (yes, it's very smoky but burns nice & cool)
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10. LEAVE IT for a minute (just let the thing smoulder)
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11. Hey Presto! your smoker should burn for at least a couple of hours now with a little puff every 30 minutes or so.
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Over here birch bark would work quite well with the method you've shared with us.I do something similar with corrugated cardboard,it's not natural but as you say rolling as you do really gives you good burn time.Good idea a lot of beesource people will really run with your idea.Excellent thinking on your part!I've always said I learn more from those who know less than those who know more.I wouldn't have thought of using much else than what I do if you wouldn't have posted your idea.Fantastic keep on thinking!Let us know of anymore ideas you come up with.I'm always open to new ideas.thanksand enjoy your bees!:applause:

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I think I heard of someone doing the same with correlated cardboard. Easier to obtain if you don't happen to have an Aussie tree in your yard! :)

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Yep. That is the way I do it. Except that I use cardboard. Mann Lake keeps sending me all those big cardboard boxes when I order things. Charlie
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