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I'm putting together 5 divider feeders for a double nuc setup a la Michael Palmer. I bought tempered Masonite from Home Depot, cut them to size, and built one feeder last night. This morning I did a leak test and filled the feeder up with water and set it on the front porch as I went to church. After church, I came home and the feeder was sitting in a puddle of water.

Should tempered masonite have done this?

I used Liquid Nails subfloor adhesive rated for exterior use.

The masonite was waterlogged and wet on the outside.

What's a good fix for this? I went and bought some spar varnish today to coat the inside of the feeders. But I want to hear your opinions on if this is worth the time and expense.

Any other option for the feeder walls besides tempered masonite?

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