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Distance between swarm traps?

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I put my 1st of 6 swarm traps up today. Just seeing it up got me eager to see it hanging with bees. I am going to place the other 5 tomorrow. The remaining locations are all about 7-10 miles apart from each other in various directions. In 2 different locations I am planning to put up 2 traps which will be spaced about 300 yards away. Does having 2 traps 300 yards away from each other make sense or would one trap in the area do the trick and be sufficient? If 1 trap would be sufficient, I could find a new location miles away. much area/miles can 1 trap cover at 1 time? Thanks, juzzer
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Until I catch a swarm in a location, I just put one. Once I've caught bees in that location, I will put several. In my opinion, it doesn't matter how close.
I knew there were feral hives in the area in the old growth trees, so I placed all these traps together. Three swarms.

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I set 4 more today. All on the inside edge of wood lines and by water. Closest 2 are about 100 yards apart. Like juzzerbee said...can't wait to find some hangin' with bees! Got any pics, juzzerbee?

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Looks good. I'd move in to them if I needed a cozy little place. No swarms yet, but you can bet I will be taking pictures if/when I get 1. juzzer
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