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I have no scientific evidence to support my thoughts but this is what I have experienced over the past 10 years. I keep about 15 hives on my back property in an oak type forested area that is cleared. They are spaced about 10 feet apart in rows of 3-4. I also as an experiment keep about 3 hives near the back of my home in a an oak type Forest in a cleared area. I place them about 5 feet apart in a linear pattern from north to south. These 3 hives that are less congested do much better. Most significantly the hive located to the furthest south does better than any of the hives regardless of location. For example I often have 3-6 supers on that hive whereas in terms of the others I only have 1-2 supers. Also the hive located to the furthest north does almost as well, and the middle hive does the worst. This has been a horrible year for me here in Illinois, but I believe the same scenario will hold true. The north to south process makes no difference in the other more dense yard. I believe there may be some significance to the to less density at least in my instance.
Keep in mind hives in a row often have drift to the end hive. the center ones are likely to loose the most bees. some deviation of entrance angle and Hive color can help.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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