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Recently got a russian nuc which I placed in a 10 frame hive at a new out yard (in upstate SC.) Strung a quickie fence around it with a borrowed solar charger which apparently doesn't hold a charge overnight. Figured I had a week or two to get a new charger and more secure fence set up.
Wrong on that count. Mr. Bear came in Monday night - 6 days after I placed the box there.

Luckily the bees had clustered nearby with their queen, and I was able to box them and get them setup back home behind a proper fence. It was actually rather fun going through the process of capturing a swarm. The hive body was still in fine shape. Narry a scrap of comb left, though.

I keep relearning the lesson of getting things setup BEFORE you get your livestock the hard way.

Another lesson learned was the convenience of having a marked queen. The swarm had settled on the ground straddling the bottom of a cattle panel fence in deep pine needles. It was impossible to scoop up more than a few bees at a time, & I don't think I would have been able to find an unmarked queen - she kept tunneling down in the pine needles. It still took about 10 minutes to catch her and get her in the box. That bright blue mark was a lifesaver. Afterwards, the rest followed her in.

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