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Digger Bees

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I have a large population of digger bees in the embankment of my yard.
They've been there about 3 years and the colony must be giant.

They act just like honey bees foraging, pollen, even propolis around there entrance hole.
They don't sting so the temptation to dig them up and check for honey comb is there.

Anyone ever do this or am I just gonna get dirty.?.
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They collect nectar to live on, but don't store it. They store pollen for their young. They appear to be a "colony" but are actually solitary bees that happen to live in the same area (probably family). There will be no honey. They are bees. They are not honey bees.
Thanks mike.
I bet they are pollinators though.
Yes they are pollinators. And bees. I like them a lot. They just aren't officially a "colony" and they don't store honey.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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