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Dieing colony

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I visited my out yard today and checked on a colony I had planned on requeening later this week (there was a post about this eariler today).

The colony was in much worse shape then I was expecting. 3 frames of bees and almost zero brood, what was there was drone brood and probably no more then a dozen capped cells (bullets). LOTS of empty cells.

I couldn't find a queen, but after lots of hunting I did find a few eggs, all singles all dead center of the cell. Pretty much I'm not sure if I have a laying worker or maybe just a used up queen. I'm usually not that bad at finding queens but I might be out of practice as I didn't spot one in the 5 colonies I opened today.

Anyway, I've got a queen coming at the end of the week. I'm not sure I should give this colony a queen at this point. Obviously if there is a laying worker I don't want to turn her loose in there. I could combine with a queen right colony but then I have a queen with no home.

I don't think there's enough bees to shake them out either...

Any suggestions, well beside look before you order you queen next time?