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Did I screw the pooch?

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Well fellas, I've chimed on here a few times about making my own equipment. Finally got to the point that I've been frames together. Got enough made up the other day to get them staged in their first body. Lo and behold, my box holds 11 frames, not 10! Okaaaay...

Been scratching me head over this one. Well, I looked up the prints and the 10-frame already has extra space. Then, with my less than precise cutting, there you go. The little bit added up and I could fit 11. With only 10 in there, it looks too empty, with the 11, its just right.

Now, this may have seemed to work to my advantage and did not even know it. I started looking this issue up, and come to find out, some are proposing the idea of 11 frame instead of 10. Now, this is for the brood section. But now, I can take the 11th out and have 10 in the super area and can get 1 more frame of comb honey per box and still hopefully have enough protruding from the frame face to uncap them.

Hmm, I'm curious how this is going to work out, in reality. I'm still just a booklearning fool and yet to have the experience I need.

So what says you, beesource companions?
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Some people are shaving their top bars to fit 11 in a 10 framer, so, if everything else is right, this will not be a problem.

11 frames may be O.K. for comb honey, but, for extracting, I like 8 frames in a 10 frame hive. The comb is drawn out more and makes it much easier to uncapp. Fewer frames to extract.

Gotta wait and see ... You may have the next best thing or a very funny story later.. either way pictures please
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