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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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> But I added the new box below the original. Should I have put it on top?

With foundationless I always put the second box on the bottom. If I were to put it on top I would want some drawn comb in that box for a ladder.

>My thought was bees build down.

Bees di build down. No one adds space to the top of a tree...

>But I just reread Beekeeping For Dummies and it says to add the new box on top.

The nice thing about adding them to the top is you don't have to lift the boxes to get to the bottom and you can see if it's full...

> Should I go back now and do this or leave it alone?

I would have left it.

>Remember my frames are foundationless.

Especially since it's foundationless. Otherwise they may build up from the bottom bars...
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