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Did I do the right thing?

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Hi gents,
So, I checked on my 2 hives yesterday and both appear to be doing ok. One is teaming with bees with loads of pollen, nectar, and honey. This hive had some capped brood with some eggs and larva on a few frames. They have not moved up into the top box yet, although it has been in place for about 2 weeks. I pulled several frames of honey and nectar from the lower box and put them into the top box, and checker boarded undrawn frames in the lower box. What else could I have done without having drawn comb to keep them from getting honey bound? How much longer will they build comb?
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Take a frame of brood from the outside of the brood nest and put in center of the second box replace with a bare foundation frame, that’ll suck the nurse/house bees up there (primary wax producers). The bees won’t stand for the bare foundation in the brood nest in the first box and draw that out quickly too.
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