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Did anyone see the beginning of The Apprentace?

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The contestants were sent to SueB honey farm to harvest honey from the hives, then bottle and sell it to the stores.

I was thinking "oh god, these guys are going to make it sound like the bees we keep are aggressive, and will kill you!".

This girl goes in there worried that she was going to get stung to death. By the time she was leaving she was doing the job like it was nothing and even said "the bees are my friends". YAY FOR BEEKEEPING!

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I saw it... I think there was a little sarcasm in her tone...LOL
Ok, scratch the whole thing. Trump just told 20,000 people and the whole world that the contestants were asked to harvest honey from bees. Then he stated "killer bees". What a jerk!
Yep....I just looked at my wife when he said that!
If they were around L.A. he probably wasn't to far off on that one.
Hating to admit that I even NOTICE network TV . . . yes, while surfing from Military Channel to Discovery I paused long enough to hear Trump say that the preformers (contestants) had to harvest honey from the bee's NEST *sigh* JP
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