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Did all of the NY apple orchards get bees?

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This year I brought my bees up to Wayne County on April 27 and pulled them out on May 8. I've never brought bees up there during April before and some years I've pulled them out on Memorial Day weekend. This year it was snowing on the morning that I brought them and it's snowing here again today. I heard a rumor that some migratory beekeepers got stuck with bees on pollination for watermelons in Florida. Did some NYS orchards not get bees this year?
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All of the orchards in the Champlain Valley got their bees. What they haven't had yet is good flight weather.

I haven't heard of any shortages in the Walcott area or the Hudson Valley either. If there were orchards that were short on bees we will probably hear about them and they won't be shorted again next year.
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