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Hey all, some details on the problem hive before you read on: I noticed a high mite count on the sticky board of this particular hive and immediately started OAV (3/5 treatments in as of now, 5 days apart) on the apiary. Hive is queenless, but an emerged virgin was found out of a supercedure cell. 6 queen cells on the next frame over, half way up the frame. 3 were ripped open. No easily noticeable signs of DWV (pictures taken and zoomed in on). Brood cells are being backfilled with nectar.

I was doing my inspections/splits today and came across something that scared me big time in this hive. I noticed a poor brood pattern on a few of the frames, not quite "salt and pepper", but poor enough for me to take notice. After a closer look, I discovered about 20 half sunk/diagonally capped cells on the frame (see image). The "oh crap, AFB!" alarm went off, so I pulled the suspect frame and brought it back to my house right away. However, when I started to uncap these suspect cells, I was surprised to find about 16/20 were normal pearly white larva in correct position. The other 4 were definitely dead in cell and watery, but there was no caramel color or roping at all. I continued to uncap any unhealthy looking cells and even quite a few normal. Well I did find some more in-cell dead larva (perforated caps), but all normal looking cells had healthy looking larva. I also found some open cells with an almost "melted" brood look, again no roping or caramel color.

After doing as much research as possible, my best guess is that these are early signs of PMS? Would love some advice, only a second year beekeeper myself.

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