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Designing a Bee Yard for easy Swarm Capture

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This evening, I went to my one bee yards and within two feet of a hive, was a small swarm clinging to a bush that was about 2 to 3 feet away from the hive. It was so easy to go capture the swarm.

I got to thinking that the queen probably doesn't have a clue what is outside her hive, so she is likely to fly straight out and land on the nearest thing.

What makes this particular yard so neat is that the landowner provided land that he wasn't using where small trees and shrubs are growing on three sides of its paremeter. So far, I have captured 4 of my own mini swarms at chest level and below.

If one has the option to create the beeyard, then why not design it for easy swarm capture, since it most likely that sooner or later your bees are going to swarm.

1) I am going to mow up to the bush line so that I don't have to traipse thru poison ivy and honeysuckle vines.

2) I am going to position my hives closer to the bush line where the entrance way is pointing to the bushes. My plans are to keep my hives about 2 to 3 feet away from the bush line.

3) For those hives that don't have the luxury of pointing to a bush/tree barrier, I am going to look at creating an artificial barrier, perhaps some permanent silk trees or planting some arbivitae or something like that.

I would appreciate your ideas on how I might design a beeyard for easy swarm capture. Thanks. :)
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