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Delayed sting response?

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Not sure where to post this... anyone every have a delayed sting response? A few hours delayed?

Yesterday I found a huge yellow jacket nest in a run in shed for our sheep and needed to remove it. I sprayed it then put on a bee suit to spray again and removed it. All went well and I had no stings (so I thought), however, about 2 hours later I noticed my left triceps started to heat up and swell a bit. It itched all night. Today the the swelling moved to include my forearm. Seems odd that it took so long for the reaction to take so long. Bee stings don't usually affect me like this.

(I've had no other response. No trouble breathing. Not feeling flushed.)
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A month ago a friend was stung by a honey bee. He had minor swelling and itching. A week later he rather suddenly had hives over his whole body and lots of swelling and needed to go to the ER. He was given prednisone and responded well. That night he started swelling in his neck and face and needed to go back to the ER. He has been doing fine since. I was coaching his wife, a beginning beekeeper, and she now feels she can no longer keep bees. The week delay seemed very odd and I am wondering if something else, combined with the earlier sting, didn't bring on the reaction.
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