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If the sad pun has not deterred you, then I have a question. For less then a year I've been working around this hive without ever getting stung, however the bees fly into me constantly. I had simply ignored this until I decided to get the top off to start moving the bees into another structure.

I have no equipment, my parents sold, gave, and otherwise got rid of all the bee keeping tackle up to 3 years ago (I been sick). I went in with a bottle of vinegar/water solution, a flat wrecking bar, and slowly started to pry the outer cover off. Did pretty good too!

The bees still didn't like that, but now they can get in and out from under the top. I decided to let them calm down and went back today (24 hours) to look them over. I got a head bump, and stung!

The hive is under cover in an old hay barn, they have 180 degrees of direction to fly, and zipping either in or out, I have them crash headlong into me while I stand still 30 feet from the hive. Is this defensive behavior, or is this a factor of going into/out from bright light?
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