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Deep frame in Medium box

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So last weekend I put a medium foundationless super on and today when I inspected I found no comb. Nothing.

So in hopes of getting the medium box to draw comb, I pulled two deep frames of honey from the outside's of the deep below and pulled it up to the medium letting it overlap down into the deep box below.

My intension's here are to put the two frames back down in the deep in a week when the medium super is starting to draw. I also understand that they may start comb on the bottom of the frame and if it is significant, I will take it off and rubber band it to one of the empty medium super frames above. If not significant I will just clean any burr comb off.

Good idea? Bad idea? Am I missing anything?
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Sounds workable.
If the bees are dense enough you can pull a brood frame from the nest and put an empty in it;s place. Then put two mediums on and carefully put the brood frame down between the the two mediums. New deep drawn frame and starts on the mediums.
I would be ready for some wonky comb with all that extra space.
cut the comb off the bottom if they do it, affix it into one of the mediums
I would be ready for some wonky comb with all that extra space.

3 Hives, all foundationless and I have only had to correct 1 frame, once :popcorn:
Okay, inspected last night, 4 days after putting a deep frame in a medium box and what a mess, I won't ever do that again.

They had built out the entire empty space below the frame in just 4 days. When i tried to pull the frame, it broke off partially because they had attached it to the wall.

I cut it off, wired it in a medium frame and put it back. The wired comb was ugly, but it is in the frame, not attached to the top though. I guess the bees will fix it.

Then when putting the deep frame back, the comb that broke off was in the way. I cut it down, let it stay in the box, and pushed the frame down into it. It was getting dark and I didn't have time to get into the box.

So I will go back tonight and fix the mess I made.

Don't recommend doing that again, especially during a flow
So last weekend I put a medium foundationless super on and today when I inspected I found no comb. Nothing.
Hey, you learned something. Not a total loss. Coulda been worse.
Some people put medium frames with new brood into deep boxes to induce queen cells. Chances are you will get some queen cells on the bottoms of those frames that have so much extra space.
Usually I end up with an occasional medium in a deep box or a deep hanging down into a medium box below. I would not have a deep hanging from a medium into a deep as that is far more space below than I want to deal with. I would add another medium box with the one so you can have it in two mediums.
Sorry I missed the single medium part of your plan. Never tried that, thanks to your feedback never will. Do double mediums or medium in a deep without concern.
Thanks Michael, I already made the mess by cutting the comb off

Here is what it looks like when you let a deep frame hang from a medium into a deep. Messy

The lower left corner is still in the deep. What a mess, I will have to clean up tonight.

Edit: So I went to clean up the mess I made last night and saw something really curious, the bees had begun to chew off the lowest 1/2 inch from the frame pictured. I wonder why they would do that after having attached it.
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