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dearth in middle Tennessee?

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I'm new to beekeeping and have a question. My latest empty supers were added 3 weeks ago (foundation-less frames with no drawn comb). I added supers when the supers under them were 100% full of capped honey. I inspected the hives 2 days ago and they haven't touched the new supers. Does that mean the flow is over? Wouldn't they still make honey with all of the white clover and other flowers still abundant? Should I take the empty supers off or leave them? Also, the heat index is suppose to reach 105 today. Do you do anything extra for the bees when temps are in triple digits like take the outer cover off for better ventilation? This pic was taken yesterday and it wasn't as hot as today.
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Yup the surplus nectar is over. The last of the sourwood & sumac is about gone but they will still work clover on good days. To get the rest of the supers full of wax you willl have to pull and harvest the honey and start feeding 1:1 sugar water for the rest of the summer.
Hey Justin,
I'm just south of you between Manchester and Beech Grove. I've had bees over 20 years and In our area, 90% of the time the surplus flow is over by June 1st. About once every 10 years you'll see a measurable amount of honey gathered during the month of June, you'll be lucky to get a super of honey in June if you've got drawn comb for the bees during that one year. Year in,year out have your bees at full force by April 1st and if you can prevent swarming 8 shallow supers full is a realistic result from your best colonies.
ok. Thanks guys. I'll just pull the empties off. Why give the bees extra room to police hive beetles?
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