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Dead newborn what's the possible cause?

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Some dead newborn bees there's a good amount being pulled out the queen is a 3 yrs old weather has been unusual of late very wet what causes this?
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Look like drone pupae. Is there an unusually high number of capped drone cells in the hive?
Could be possible last time I looked about 2 months back there were a few frames that had all drone eggs at the bottom of the frames.
Is it common for this to happen to drones??
The bees have to make room somehow and if there are too many drones... well, this happens. Your last inspection was two months ago?
Yep I did a split on this box about 2 months ago I did notice a lot of drone cells on the bottom of the frames back then I did a super check the other week all looked ok thanks for the advice!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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