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Dead bee in capped honey?

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Today I saw something that I thought it was strange. A dead bee, head down in a honey cell. The cell was also capped. Looks like she drew her last breath in there and a slack worker capped the honey cell over her corpse.

I'm only new to beekeeping so these incidents still puzzle me. I'm sure you experience keepers here have seen this before - is it a common occurrence?

Perhaps I was lucky to see it because this hive is a Flow hive with see-through frames, and I was able to see this through when I opened the back cover, the the dead bee was in a cell close to the edge.

I'll try to take a photo too after they go to sleep tonight, as they were toey this morning.
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never seen this before.
likely the bee was crushed during a "flow" cycle and the "cap" slid over and back.

could be flow hive specific. a "feature"

not likely the "slack" worker capped a dead bee in the cell.

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