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A little bit off topic...

What I did on my third grafting this year:

1. queen right 10 framer
2. the queen and a frame of brood in the single facing the other way behind the
3. 5 frame nuc + lots of bees + 3 frames of stores + graft frame on the former place
4. Isolated the queen and shake many bees from the behind box
5. the other brood frames were given to other colonies as the single hive with the queen had too fewer bees to take care of them

The result was a well populated nuc that accepted 12 cells out of 17. I have done the graft quite fast but I'm pleased.
It's a variation using different ideas on this forum. The idea is that I didn't even thought that day that I'm going to start another batch of cells. I just started the process right away as it came to me; didn't wait for nothing.

The compilation of ideas came from Michael Palmer + Joseph Clemens method.

The starter/finisher nuc standing on the former place of the 10 framer will benefit from both foragers and nurse bees. I think those 12 cells will be well treated. There is no other brood in the nuc. Am I right?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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