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damage control help!

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My three be hives were doing just fine after a stressful move from the east coast and an unusually harsh and wet winter here in Dallas.
Unfortunately, this last weekend we had another bout of freezing temps and another 5" of snow.
I went into the three hives today.
Hive 1 has a live queen and a few hundred bees.
Hive 2 - no queen, very few bees.
Hive 3 - still doing well. I think this one did well because it was a nuc and the bees were not as spread out as the other hives. This hive I put into a 10 frame body and combined what was left of hive #2.

Hives 1 and two had hundreds of dead bees on the bottom of the hives.

Very disappointed but can't fight Mother Nature.

My question now is what do I do with all the frames, many of which still have honey and pollen stores? The only thing I can think of to do is to put all the now excess frames in a freezer until needed at a later date.
Please advise.
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You have the right idea if they die out, you can freeze them and wait for a swarm or do a split of the good hive. Or maybe start another nuc off of your good hive and then when ready transfer to a hive. Good Luck
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