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Dallas TX

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How is dallas area for beekeeping, we might have to move sometime in future. Wanted some opiniins from u guys.. thanks
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Dallas is good. I am 30 miles south. South and West of Dallas you have a ton of Mesquites along with wild flowers. East of Dallas has more hardwoods but they have a more acidic soil so they have all kinds of good stuff growing. North of Dallas..Say past Allen area sucks. Beekeeping is ok but just life in general. :) Really the whole area is pretty good.

If you have any specific questions let me know. There are other DFW beeks on here so they will chime in.
I have the blanket flower and horse mint, lots of mesquites and cotton. I could get 3-4 supers on a good year if I was going for honey production and not splitting for numbers. Which I am doing this year. My flow is April-June. Like Ross said mid July the heat sets in and that's it. Fall here is good on Goldenrod and asters.

Cotton is a gamble. They will spary it big time if the find boil weveils (sp). A guy a few miles from me grows cotton. He has a field where a neighbor keeps bees. When he plants his cotton the neighbor moves his bees far way from it.
one last question- What about Chuck Norris? which areas is he more active than others? :D
Just be careful where you lay your head to rest. The largest myth about Tx. is that we have tornados. The reality is Chuck hates trailer parks.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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