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Dadant Screened IPM Bottom Booard

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I just received some Dadant IPM Screened Bottom Boards. The price was good, but I am wondering if they will work for monitoring, as the top of the insert sits pretty close to the board above it. It seems that hive debris will all be scraped off when sliding it out.

Does anyone who uses board this note this to be a problem? I'm wondering if I should open the slot a little more.

Also, the rails seem to be fairly flimsy in the way they are stapled, but it may not matter.

I was disappointed they didn't have entrance reducers included, but to be fair the web site text neither says, nor does the photo show, a reducer. And I am happy with the price even so.
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I have bb similar to what you describe but from a different vendor, honestly, I prefer them much more than the others with a gap I have. I get a little build up and on occasion a few moth webs, but easily falls out when I check them. I like the closer seal during cold months and pulling them every few weeks hasn't be an issue.

I also find more hive beetles, bees and moths on the boards that have the wider "gap".
Thank you, that is what I was looking for, another perspective that would help me see the perceived flaws as features.
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