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Dadant extractor lower reel bearing

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Anyone know where I can find one faster than ordering from dadant? A thirty frame extractor and I have torn it down to clean and check before starting to extract. The sealed bearing is a little dry and I would rather replace it than needle grease into it. Any ideas.
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Do you have a bearing shop in great fall? Take it to them. Yellow pages
I do and the number crosses and they have two. Now I can try to pull it and it won't matter if I hurt it because they have two. Thanks for your advice.
I got my bearing and got it in this morning for less than $20. Now I don't have to wonder when it is going out. Should be years now at my volumes. Now my at least third hand extractor is probably ready for the fourth owner in a few years. Extractors last forever if cared for at all.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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