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Dadant Catalog 2010 Finally Here !

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They have some nice extractor kits for a reasonable price. Has anybody ordered a few heavy items to gather their shipping quotes ? One kit I liked was around 175 pounds(shipping weight). I'm sure they weigh less than that in reality.
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i think Dadant is just going by product size -
what happens is it it fits a standard size - they run it on convors
it its odd size or larger size they have to take one or two "people" to move the box around (at every stop point on the trip) thats man hours -

try truck shipments - they are cheaper
Just for a test, I'm looking at page 75 of Dadant's catalog, item # M00396KIT. The manual crank extractor kit for $549. I've went to their website and is $10.00 more than catalog and when I put the item in my cart came up with this:
5 items at 31.2 lbs through UPS. Freight. Call them for quote. Doesn't say from where, however they do have a branch in Hamilton, IL. about 150 miles from me which means I pay tax too. According to UPS, each package sent at that weight is $24.00 x 5 = $120.00. Sheeze, I could drive out there and pick it up for 20 bucks and a 4 hour trip.........
Check out the cover photo.How cool is that[ honey flowing out of combs]pic.I like it!:banana::banana:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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