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Cypress Top Bar Hives
$150 each OBO

3 and 4 foot lengths available
All made from 100% rough sawn cypress - a great weather and bug resistant wood and the bees love living in it!
Designed after plans from top bar hive guru and bee author Les Crowder - 120 degree angle on walls, 10 inch sides, 18.5” wide at top, 7.5” deep.

Top bars are 19.5” long - all even lengths and have a “starter strip” for bees to make comb on.

The four foot versions come with follower boards and two entrances to be divided to make two colonies per “box” (see pictures)

In inventory now:
I have 10 - four foot top bar hives
And 4 - three foot top bar hives

Some have been lived in already, an added bonus smelling like home to bees already ;-)

I will update as quantities change and will remove this post once all are sold

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